Want a helping hand? Just looking for some company?


Aleph Home Care’s NEW Concierge Services are now available to meet your everyday needs. From running errands and scheduling appointments to helping with household chores and providing companionship, Aleph Concierge is here for you.


This program is available for anyone 21 years or older.

We offer…


Are you feeling lonely or isolated? Aleph Concierge can provide a companion to help keep you company, whether you are looking for a game of cards or just need someone to talk to.

Technology assistance

Need help using the latest technology but do not want to ask your children? Aleph Concierge can assist you with learning how to use computers, social media, Zoom, FaceTime, and more.


Do you need someone to help with your day-to-day errands? Aleph Concierge can provide you with transportation, drop off and pick up your dry cleaning, or do your grocery shopping and meal planning.

Household services

Do you need help with household management? Aleph Concierge can help with or make arrangements for cleaning, cooking, or organizing.


Maintenance Person

Do you need something fixed at home? Aleph Concierge can help with managing appointments and hiring of a handyperson for at-home repairs.


Self-care services

Do you need salon or spa services? Aleph Concierge can manage reservations and appointments at area businesses or hire someone privately to come into your home.


Do you need help with outside activities? Aleph Concierge can accompany you to and
help plan activities such as golfing, meals, shopping, day trips, shows, and more.

Contact us to learn more at aleph-team@jfedsnj.org or call 856.685.5700.